Ummo Music Band

In order to aware people about exocivilizations, we decided to throw ourselves into a creative musical experience – the fruit of our encounters with all our different sensitivities, backgrounds and cultures, united in a common desire to create an original and innovative musical universe.

UMMO MUSIC share with pleasure the creations, the emotions and the joy that this new knowledge about the world around us has brought us. In these songs we have resolutely chosen the thread of making you discover a few words in the language of planet Ummo

This musical path is also an invitation to go on a treasure hunt in the Ummo language. To help you in this search, you will also be able to use the Ummo Dictionary.

Our band « UMMO MUSIC » wishes you a pleasant listening experience!

PS: unlike some commercial music, our creations not contain any subliminal sound message.

For « UMMO MUSIC ® © – all international rights reserved »


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