Conférence Internationale Laughlin|Laughlin International UFO Congress

Rediffusion des émissions de la conférence de Laughlin sur Radio Morphéus

  • Chaque lundi à 18h00 (consulter les programme sur le site de radio morpheus)
  • le week-end à partir de 14h00
  • Laughlin congress Rediffusion emissions on Radio Morphéus

  • every monday 6h00 p.m (French hour)
  • week-end from 2h00 p.m
  • First meeting with LosAngeles city.
    Traditional hamburger at CARNEYS which is the favorite burger restaurant of Johnny Hallyday !

    Preparing the International UFO Congress at Malibu Beach

    On the road to the Congress.Mojave desert.

    Arrival in Laughlin, Nevada for the Congress.

    with some luggage…


    Laughlin city.

    Representation for the French organization “Les Repas Ufologiques”.
    During all the week I have explained how “Les Repas Ufologiques” are organized in France.

    With John RAO,Chairman of OPEN MINDS Inc.
    A common point of view to raise UFO information in USA and Europe.

    Maurizio BAIATA, Editor in chief of Open Minds Magazine
    Angela K. RAO, Publisher of Open Minds Magazine

    Although I am not really a ufologist, implicitly I had the difficult task of representing the French Ufology.
    The Ummo file which is at the center of my work is totally unknown in the USA.
    This is the first time that the public and professionals are aware of this topic which often heated discussions.
    The audience was really impressed by the work presented and I am glad for the image of research of French Ufology.

    With Mel FABREGAS, “The Veritas Show”
    The informative work of Mel is very efficient. He is every where !

    With the team of radio Morpheus, I organize the interviews of many interesting speakers and people involved in the UFO research.

    All my interviews can be heard on
    Preparing a radio show on Morpheus Radio with Paola Leopizzi HARRIS.
    I appreciate her way to be involved in the in the UFO research.

    Preparing a radio show on Radio Morpheus with Maurizio BAIATA, Editor in chief of Open Minds Magazine
    Good luck for your new magazine !

    UFO journalists from a lot of countries where present at my booth.
    Interview in spanish with Gilda ESTRADA, Press TV, Mexico

    Fashion : Gilda loves theT-shirts of “Presence” Oh, yes, so pretty !

    Karin and Pat MARCATTILIO “Dr UFO”,Trenton, New-Jersey
    A very popular personality of American ufology.

    Preparing a radio show on Radio Morpheus with J. Antonio HUNEUS.

    I appreciate the big knowledge of Antonio on every topics… Managing editor of Open Minds Magazine

    Argedawa SUNG,Press Taïwan – China
    Thank you to be so interested in my studies!
    I hope all Chinese people can be informed on those topics.

    Preparing a radio show on Radio Morpheus with Gary HESELTINE (UK).

    Gary is a very serious is a very serious investigator, methodical and professional

    My brother Clifford MAHOOTY, Chief of ZUNI Indian Tribe, gave me the honor of a photo cession.

    Our cultures are very different, but we have a lot of common points…

    With my friend Steve Bassett we share the same desire to achieve recognition of human rights for exocivilizations〈=en-us

    A long way…
    Thank you Steve for your work !

    With Natascha JATZECK,Exopolitik Deutschland

    I am so glad to meet other European people there !

    With Mary RODWELL, Principal from ACERN Australia.

    It’s the first time in meet Australian people involved in the UFO research.

    With Jerry SCHULZ,Former APRO Investigator
    Jerry is a real UFO investigator enthusiast and unbeatable!

    Michael SCHRATT,Open Minds
    An expert on the black programs.
    and James NICHOLS, UFO illustrator, James wins 2 AWARDS this year!

    EBE AWARDS for UFO movies and Documentaries

    EBE AWARDS with Diana P. HOYT, UFO Research Associates
    Diana, thank you for your work !                     and James NICHOLS

    With Barbara LAMB, Crop Circles studies
    A nice approach on this topic.
    and Jill GURR (UK) Fondation CreateNow
    A generous cause.

    With Karen ONG, Founder of SCETTAL (Study Centre for Extraterrestrial Technology and Life), Australia
    Karen thank you for your work so smart !

    On the road again.Back to Los Angeles…Via the famous “Alien Fresh Jerky“ shop in Baker, California !!!
    End of the Story…

    Photographs by © Bernard Thouanel
    Bernard, thank you for your pictures so professional and all your work together!

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