Mondialisme vs impérialisme / Mundialismo vs Imperialismo/ Globalism vs Imperialism

Assumption of global picture

The assumption is based on informants i trust and my own analyse.
My vision that we have in front of us, ONE plutocracy with 2 groups.What the 2 groups had deal, is to finish imposing a dictatorship of 70% of the world (not Russia, not China in this 1fst step), before 16 April 2021, with a total shutdown that make all those countries 100% directly dependent of the plutocracy. BUT, the 2 groups disagree on a lot of points (good for us!)

a) the globalists, they want a dictatorship worldwide, uniform. At the principle it’s the most economic powerful group.For sure in this group we have Gates, Soros, Clinton, Rothschild….

b) The imperialists, they want a dictatorship worldwide, old fashion, with countries as vassals. At the principle it’s the most ‘legal’ group based on militaries circles and technologies. For sure in this group we have Trump as leader.
The assumption is that the imperialists are not strong enough to impose all the decisions they want. ( Otherwise they already would have eliminated the globalists). Trump is obliged to compose with the globalists. That could explain Trump’s inconsistencies. That could explain why Trump looks for allies as Poutine.

What is the point of plutocracy triggering an economic crisis?
Already in the immediate future, during the 1Q 2020 crisis, our banksters filled their pockets like never before. The more the real economy collapses, the more they fill their pockets, to make it simple they borrow fictitious money that they decide to grant themselves, and buy at low prices the operational companies which are at agony. That’s the fun side, because you can never have enough fun …
Then these people think long term. Especially to them, of course.

a) For the globalists, as they are already immensely rich and arrogant, that they are manipulating a whole cohort of corporals « presidents », they just want (and we can understand them) to govern directly without intermediaries. The nation states, these damn institutions (or even uncooperative nationalist dictators) are all obstacles to their beautiful project of the perfect world where everything happens between perfect cocaine addicts and pedophiles like them. A borderless world of money (their own cryptocurrency), where every beggar who buys an apple pays their bank commission. What a dream.

b) For the imperialists, it is different, they want above all to get rid of the debt, unplayable per person, their fortunes are more in the real economy. For example, the Trump real estate empire only gains value if the purchasing power of Americans increases. So, the 2 clans do not agree on much, but on the financial reset and a great principle of planetary enslavement, everyone benefits.

In conclusion, for sure Trump and is group have the goal to impose a dictatorship, however, tactically i think it’s better to help him to weaken the globalists. Later we will able to regain control ( i hope so).
In advance, thank you for your remarks.The best to you