Medit – Action

The principle of this meditation is to help Earth.

a) we ask for help through friendly deceased
b) we ask that other friendly human of the cosmos are allowed to help us
c) we ask the definitive neutralization of harmful oligarchies for all mankind

(believe me, either not, but maybe it’s worth a try … (: -)) (note *)

[EXEMPLE] I propose to ask our deceased friend XXXXXXX for this spiritual meditation (everyone chooses the deceased he wants). So, i propose you to synchronize our meditation at the same time and with the same goal. That means to read at the same time those small texts. That will take you 16 minutes.

At least 7 people, for 7 times and 7 days at the same times (very important).

I propose you to read those small texts from dd/mm/YY to dd/mm/YY, at HH:mm Atlantic time (very important to be precise)

AM:12:00 concentrate yourself (note 2)

AM:12:07 « XXXXXX i wish you an great and happy spiritual trip in the spiritual world. » (notes 3 and 4)

AM: 12: 08 « XXXXXXX thank you to authorize our benevolent space brothers to help us on Earth. »

AM: 12: 09 « XXXXXXX thank you to neutralize harmful oligarchies for all mankind.Thank you for your help. »

AM:12:10 concentrate yourself (note 5)

AM:12:16 END

Later, you also use this principal for efficient spiritual meditation, especially for asking to other defunct to help us to neutralize the bad and very dangerous oligarchies…

Form groups of at least 7 people, but no more than thrice that number. Form these groups by affinities or common language.

Decide what you wish to request, at group level.

Write it in a simple text of moderate length, with short sentences.

Memorize this text, with a complete understanding of each request.

Every day for a week, everyone in the group must have a Spiritual meditation on this text at the same Time (IMPORTANT). It is not necessary to do so by grouping you physically, but you shall coordinate the whole group to ensure that every member is available to join the Spiritual meditation at the same time.

1. Choose a deceased person for whom you had an intense tenderness (mother, father, grandparent, sincere friend …). You can select a different person from one day to another. Some of your brothers systematically choose the archetypal image of Christ (Jesus) with whom they had no interaction during their lifetime.

This is NOT efficient, unless wearing Him a real and intense devotion.

2. You must observe silence for 6 to 7 minutes to collect yourself before demanding, focusing deeply on that person, imagining that he/she is looking at you and ready for listening.

3. Recite the text mentally, pronouncing the words slowly and clearly. Try to pronounce your sentences with a strong mental voice, as if you were communicating telepathically with the deceased person (this is an image, we hope you will understand the meaning).

4. You must have real belief in the importance of your request as it is « heard » just the way you express it. You must adopt the modest and humble posture of a suppliant asking a huge favor to the only person who is able to grant it to you.

5. You must finally observe silence for 6 to 7 minutes, collecting after the Spiritual meditation by thanking and taking leave of the deceased person.

You must repeat this Spiritual meditation every day for seven consecutive days (no more, no less). It should not last more than twenty minutes daily.

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(note *) You also can have explanations of the Theory that explain that on (but not mandatory to do this Spiritual meditation).