Exocivilizations : a global challenge


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« None are more hopelessly enslaved
than those who falsely believe they are free. »

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

This article aims to give a comprehensive policy vision on the issue of exo- civilizations . It summarizes the analysis of the expert in geopolitics Come Carpentier de Gourdon and Denis Roger Denocla independent researcher in exo-science, and benefited from the collaborative participation of many researchers and avant-garde intellectuals. I chose the adage – The Know for whom? The Know why? – Because  » Knowledge is power » and therefore, it directly determines the fate of humans and the planet. This is the major issue that concerns all of humanity.

By consulting the corpus of documents from Ummo planet people, we can see that this exocivilisation qualifies information retention as crime against humanity of the entire cosmos.

Machiavelli’s famous treatise illustrates how the oligarchs of the world capture knowledge to make an instrument of power to the detriment of the rest of humanity. This has never denied until this day.

Historical vision of secrecy

The embargo on Knowledge about exocivilizations is a new and brutal event. As shown in the novels of Jules Verne, until the end of the nineteenth century the Western countries applauds the idea that men can visit the moon … the usual anthropocentrism hardly considering, conversely, visit from Men from the Moon to the Earthlings. More than in the Western countries, in all other Indian cultures, Asian, African and Amerindian, the relationship with beings from the cosmos is a constant component and traditional fully integrated for millennia, but little seen in the Western countries.

So why domineering Western oligarchies did they suddenly and violently confiscated the knowledge about exocivilizations? Even to the point to prohibit the recognition of their existence? And imposing a global omerta? A record of censorship … What are huge issues they presided over the implementation of the greater censorship of all time?

Triggers events

In the 30s the West develops radio technologies that make Earth electromagnetically ‘ noisy ‘. Although some exocivilisations followed terrestrial evolution for thousands of years, signals propagating through space attract the attention of neighbors who develop exocivilisations therefore programs increased visits. Some favorable conditions to cosmological interstellar travel contribute to the intensity of these visits. The war psychosis and military technologies developed during World War II will give to earthlings a new and sudden acute observation of these machines coming from outer space.

Until the end of the Second World War, harmless UFO sightings and their obvious alien origin is simply ignored by the East and the West. However, the Nazis were inspired by understanding of new technological possibilities and have developed flying devices looking like ‘flying saucers’. But, globally the phenomenon is seen as timely and without military impact. Churchill and Eisenhower primarily wish to remain in good political terms with the ecclesiastical powers of religions that could be destabilized by such revelations. No need of this during the war.

But at the end of the Second World War, those outer space visitors are always more numerous. These are fleets of several hundred machines, flying over for long distance of territories under Western control.  It becomes obvious that these visitors have installed bases on Earth. This concerns particularly the Truman administration and the U.S. Major Military Staff, the level of secrecy is highly strengthened. In 1946, worried about a possible invasion, Admiral Byrd was commissioned at the head of a large fleet to dislodge a exocivilisation which is installed in the Antarctic. But the mission of the glorious American army quickly turns into a military disaster. The Truman administration and the U.S. Major Military Staff is terrified. The exocivilizations are making the law.

However, there are still good news. If they are not attacked, the exocivilisations are not warlike. The fact that exocivilisations are not warlike and  have extraordinary technology, opens perspectives to the Truman administration, the American Major Military Staff and the bosses of the military industry … An extraordinary opportunity to finally dominate the Soviets, is to get their hands on these technologies, keeping secret the cumbersome but peaceful exocivilization’s presence. The exfiltration of many German scientists encourages very attractive prospects for technological supremacy unrivaled…

However, this view is not unanimous. Eisenhower is undecided and the head of state Major Air Force and the first NSA boss, the very anti-communist James Forrestal think the question of exocivilizations is of global concern. It must be treated publicly in the Senate and with the Soviets. Truman and powerful bosses of the military industry think otherwise. They eliminate James Forrestal impose an ultra-secret policy and decided to make every effort to achieve total supremacy. The UFO topic is finally released out of the democratic framework, both civil and military. It will no longer exist in formal or legal form. The issue control of exocivilizations will be completely under the authority of the group decision Majestic-12 dedicated to the bosses of the military industry led by the Rockefellers.

But how to impose worldwide the most complete omerta, even though the UFO sightings were occurring all over the planet? Like Americans institutions serving the Rothschild-Rockefeller’s oligarchy, the Soviet KGB will try to recover as much information on the extraordinary technology of our space visitors. They are also introduced in this ‘race with shallots’, and they do not wish to see either the information spread. The ultra-secret becomes the unwritten rule; the break would be a Cassus Belli. Until this day, none state has dared to break the law of the strongest…

In all states of the world, the flows of information are handled to ensure that compliant media maintain an image of the world as defined by the oligarchies which they are subject. Thus, the largest omerta of all time continues.

The impact of the recognition of exocivilisations

What would be the impact of the recognition of exocivilisations on the lives of humans? At first glance , the presence of exocivilisations does not interfere in the daily lives of people , recognition of exocivilisations would therefore have no impact on our lives. We would simply be informed that other human cosmos are visiting the Earth without interfering with our civilizations and go home. This could be the politically correct vision dreamed by terrestrial oligarchs. After more than 70 years of censorship perfectly mastered, it is sufficient simply to develop a little bit the actual system.

The main risk for the oligarchies is that, awareness of a significant number of citizens of exocivilization’s presence leads questions and issues deeper and more dangerous for them. The fear of a ‘domino effect’ is based. Questioning onto the legitimacy of oligarchies would lead to the accountability of their widespread crimes against humanity:

-          The confiscation of large advanced technologies at the expense of social progress

-          Illegal spending huge resources to the detriment of peoples

-          The establishment of an unjust and delirious economic order on the planet

The numerous killings and criminal acts under the authority of these dangerous oligarchs, corrupted and cynical

Towards a worldwide dictatorship

From Genghis Khan to Hitler, through Alexander the Great, Napoleon, or Stalin none of these oligarchs was able to control the entire globe. Yet this liberty killer nightmare has never been so close to being realized.

The dominant supranational oligarchy composed of the Rothschild-Rockefeller blocks and their armed wings, the triumvirate of intelligence services British, American and Israeli already holding the world in his hand. What’s still prevents to close it, is the Sino-Russian block and very few non-aligned states. Note that if the balance of power was the reverse, the problem would likely be similar. Wolves may fight among themselves, but all eat the sheep.

One of the diabolical plans for total control of the world imagined by the oligarchy Rothschild-Rockefeller was formulated in the name of Project Blue Beam. The idea is to use terrestrial flying saucers designed with technologies confiscated, to simulate an alien invasion.  Facing this fake threat it will not be difficult to convince all people of the world to submit themselves to the protective authority of the armies under control of the Rockefeller-Rothschild oligarchy which will fight valiantly against the bloodthirsty alien villains who want to take our daughters and our companions. We may revise Star Wars and the seizure of power by the dark side of the Force with a new look…

As everything is negotiable, collusion of transnational oligarchic elites is possible and plan or variants is still feasible. But, will exocivilizations let them make such a maneuver? Generally, what may be their degree of interference on earth?

The Pax Galactica

We saw in ‘Presence UFOs, Crop Circle and Exocivilizations’ some evidence that access to Earth is controlled by one or more exocivilizations very high technological and ethical level. Exocivilizations incompatible with our level of evolution are not allowed. Undoubtedly some exocivilizations stay on Earth conducting programs of mental manipulation including what I called the memorial flashing brain(*) onto some people suggesting them they attended hybridization and others experiments. These mental manipulations settle false memories and create understandable psychosis. These experiences are very questionable and illegal yet, as earthly point of view. Would they be secret agreements with our oligarchies? Official recognition of exocivilizations would clarify and settle the matter with the concerned exocivilization.

Note that exocivilizations intervene regularly since 70 years to prevent any possibility of using nuclear weapons and have imposed Gorbachev and Reagan administrations disarmament agreements. Similarly, accidents at Chernobyl and Fokushima were reduced by the intervention of exocivilizations. We can logically deduce that exocivilizations present on Earth also prohibit the use of confiscated technologies by the oligarchies for warlike purposes. This does not exclude a possible cooperation or direct control by exocivilizations on terrestrial secret technological developments.

The prospects of a new global socio-economic organization

Only recognition and formal treaties with exocivilizations ensure the citizens of our planet healthy and honest relationships with our neighbors in the cosmos.

Resources for everybody

Even without confiscated technology the 3rd millennium humanity has the knowledge and resources to feed, house, educate, care for the entire population of the planet. A simple effort to reduce waste, optimize the use of resources is sufficient to meet the needs of a much larger population. It is already only a simple matter of organization.

Global reorganization

If we imagine that the confiscated technologies were available again to humanity, it would no longer have this problem of energy dependence which enslaves the global economy to oligarchs.

The inevitable capture of power by oligarchies supported by communist or capitalist ideologies shows that ideologies are unfit. There is one and only one possible organizational system that can ensure the sustainability of the planet. This organization can only be architected from expanded Human Rights and be actually operational.

This organization is sustained by a streamlined and equitable management of the production of social goods and services. Very concretely, a contribution to the production of social goods and services of 2 hours per day and per capita is largely sufficient to cover current global needs with a high level of quality. Who would not be willing to spend two hours a day to ensure a quality of life, never reached to this day, for the vast majority of humans?

It is only a matter of choice of social organization, because the means are already available.

Should the oligarchs, voluntarily and in their interest as human beings, return the power captured, to legitimately work for the irreversible progress of humanity in cosmic solidarity.



Come Carpentier de Gourdon  « from India to Infinity »

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(*) explained in Presence3