Epistolary exchange with Gildas Bourdais

Denis Roger DENOCLA to Gildas BOURDAIS, Paris, 27/09/2009
Hello Gildas,
Thank you for your view point and the historical research you try to build.
I know what you do is a difficult work because of the weakness of human testimonies. As I said previously about Ortuno and Pena who are running after the history… But, the history continues without them, with many other letters until February 2009.
In any case, i think we can’t give one single result as an answer generalized…
So, my view point is totally different and my work too.
I am just trying to do global analysis to answer to logical questions like :
- Why oligarchies (like the CIA) would encourage people to promote the E.T. ideas for 60 years, with substantial resources (scientist teams, etc.)? And in an other hand they try to hide the E.T. presence?
- Why those oligarchies would encourage people whose criticisms about our social order are the harshest: «The most advanced components of your technology, the means of organization, an extended mass of data are in the hands of the most irresponsible brains, which is like placing an explosive of great power and magnitude in the hands of an infant. You have created a social order structured in a delirious way, in which technological and economical power and information are manipulated, not by intelligent creators of an emerging social network, but by the sickest and most archaic brains of your society. Any system which could be applied to resolve the misery of the third world or curb the energy shortage and thus provide the highest possible levels of well-being, is quickly diverted towards technological applications of a military nature…»
- How to explain a multitude of factors (cosmology tetravalent logic, ontology, language, technology and science, medicine, etc. and even the description of some very specific locations) are described in the OOMMO’s documents with an expert knowledge in a manner fully consistent and homogeneous since 60 years…But, could you explain me, why?
The OOMMO file can’t be understood with 1 letter. The whole file is managed with a very simple security principle. The fragmentation of the informations. Usually, each letter hasn’t got enough information’s to be seriously considered as alien. That is a simple security principle.
Only, a big quantity of letters joined and analysed together can be understandable. (So, other question: why are they so “shy” ?).
Also, the language is managed with this rule of security. The analysis of the OOMMO language can’t be done only with 2 or 4 letters…To analyse the OOMMO words, we needed thousand documents gathered…
And to summarize my work on this subject:
• In 2003, I sought to show that the principle of atomicity identified by Jean Pollion, was applied only to primary concepts strictly phonetic. (And not « orthographico-syntaxical” as he thought).
• Then I could show in 2004 that the primary phonetic concepts have a hierarchical and nested. In my opinion, this is a major key to authenticate the presence of the Oommomen on Earth.
• Finally, in 2005, I completed the determination of values of primary phonetic concepts (started by Jean Pollion) and ultimately achieved a stable decoding of words.
The final translations (decoding transformed into good French understandable) are an encyclopedic work, often requiring extensive analysis for each word. But good surprises can
be done. For example the analysis of the secret word IDUUWII directly enabled me to understand the working principle of UFOs (which I never could have imagined alone!).
Another very pleasant surprise: the extraordinary ability predictive for decoding OOMMO’s words!
For example, the letters didn’t give specific indication on the word IXI that simply meant an amino acid, and the word IXIMOO that meant a protein.
In performing the decoding, I found that « IKSI » means « Identification of frequency”. And therefore IXIMOO would mean something like « amino acid attached to a material form ». However, no biologist could explain why the word « amino acid » was associated with « the identification of a frequency? Ultimately, I found some marginal scientifical’s studies on the subject…
The twenty amino acids each emit a wave which can calculate the frequency. The generality of these properties can then be verified with the way we have thus to predict protein function from its sequence of amino acids. The term IXI is mentioned in 1967 and the frequencies of amino acids were discovered 30 years later in 1997.
And so on…
In conclusion, my opinion on the OOMMO file is that the likelihood that this could occur by chance is equivalent to the probability would have « a tornado assembling an Airbus A380 by sweeping a dump, » to quote the famous words of Sir Fred Hoyle. I think these results can not meet or intuition or coincidence, but a systematic logic. I think it is the best evidence of the discreet, but active and peaceful, alien civilization on Earth…
PS : I’m sure you do not change your mind, anyway, but I tried! (:-))
Best regards,