Ashiwi Native Americans (or Zuni) and the aliens

For the first presentation of my research in the USA, in February 2010, at the UFO Congress in Laughlin, I had an amazing visit : the Elder shaman of the Zuni tribe. Or rather Ashiwi as they call themselves, the official name of Zuni have been given by the Spanish. The Elder shaman Mahooty Clifford, came to see me as if he had known me forever, and immediately designated me as a « brother » !

This surprised me greatly, but our mutual sympathy has not diminished over the course of our meetings, on the contrary, the convergence of views and our exchanges were of the richest…

The territory of the Ashiwi (which means « those where everyone is special »), is located southwest of the city of Albuquerque. This area is crossed by the Zuni Canyon leading to the Grand Canyon, farther west. Clifford Mahooty quickly informed me that the Zuni territory is « UFO-active » since the 60s. The UFO sightings are truly dazzling, 1 to 2 times per month, often arriving from the south of Zuni Canyon, sometimes during the day. On several occasions UFOs were low to the ground. As in 2001, when a probably automatic vehicle of 3 meters in diameter arose a few dozen yards from his home in an area of corn crop. Since, at this location the vegetation is stunted, and corn does not grow at all.

Several other people from the tribe, including a Zuni archaeologist, one evening in 2005 on a road near the village found themselves face to face with a craft more than fifteen meters in diameter hovering low to the ground. One of the frightened Indians wanted to shoot the machine with a hunting rifle large caliber, but my friend Dan, the Zuni archaeologist, dissuaded him … They stood at a distance until the vehicle leaves with a few oscillations, and lightning speed …

Here are some examples of meetings that can be done in the territory of Zuni, and all residents are aware of the phenomenon. For much of them, this is « normal », especially as the Elder shaman of the tribe of Zuni will tell me the story and mythology of the tribe. This is markedly different from the official version, as it can be found on which pages of « wiki-censorship. »

In this mythology, the origin of the culture of the people comes from the Zuni Kachinas. The Kachinas are represented by colorful characters who embody and masked during ritual dances, not just the « spirits » as the politically correct want to have us believe. But all the principles of cultural society Ashiwi, with an angle very special… Take the example of a conventional type Kachina « children of incest » are hideous and crazy characters that symbolize the dangerous effects of potential relationships of incest and inbreeding. Each family is responsible for transmission of the oral history of a type of Kachina with all its symbolism. What we know is that for most of the Kachinas, the origin of each symbol is associated with …. a people of the Cosmos!

Another point totally ignored, is that giant Kachinas are the cause of the foundation of the Zuni culture, his moral and social values. Clearly, Mahooty Clifford explains that the Zuni have been in contact with an extraterrestrial civilization that would have given them a lot of knowledge. Clifford tells me especially in the field of astronomy, the Zuni have known for « always » the existence of certain nebulae completely unknown before the advent of powerful telescopes.

For me, the information about the Kachinas giants that would be the cause of the foundation of the Zuni culture, immediately evoke something specific …

Indeed, I draw the attention of Clifford on the framework of alien races that I published in the book « Presence ». The aliens who I have called “IOXiens” are about 3 meters high, which would have started their visits to Earth-896 before JC, a presence there initiated some 3000 years… The assumption that the Giants are the Kachinas-IOXiens fit pretty well and seems very plausible Clifford Mahooty, both for the chronology and the moral content of this specie. From the source of the UMMO letters, the IOXiens people have a high intelligence and a strict moral. They are therefore good candidates to have issued guidance to entities on the one hand Zuni, Hopi and other. This former exocivilisation would have intervened long before the « Pax Galactica » for 80 years, at a time when the level of acceptance was easily managed by visitors, so infrequent. This gives us a good hypothesis for this old exocivilisation. But why such a « UFO-activity » since the 60′s?

I ask the Elder shaman of which is for me the logic critical key points.

Did he know rumors of secret nuclear facilities in the territory of Zuni? Such facilities in the sixties would not have failed to generate active surveillance by the exocivilisations we meet. Clifford does not exclude this hypothesis; the work could not be done without the knowledge of the tribe.

The Zuni territory included an inactive volcanic area. This type of geological activity uses to interest many exocivilisations and could be a source of curiosity and learning for our visitors. However, this volcanic can not be correlated with the period of 60 years. But, I suggest to Clifford that the volcanic activity and the monumental canyons may have been one of the reasons that might motivate IOXiens to come in the region 3000 years ago.

Although the assumption of civil and military nuclear facilities is frequently the cause of an area « UFO-active, » I take into account a particular data. The history of the relationship between the Zuni and the probable IOXiens. This relationship had been former require the establishment of a logistics IOXien’s infrastructure. This underground base can be always active including for other exocivilisations. Or, this could be an  “exo-historical place”, a kind of “Statue of Liberty” site for exocivilisations…

This hypothesis also holds the attention of Clifford, who tells me he knows also the existence of petroglyphs that have never been studied in this area difficult to access. The historical roots of the relationship between the Zuni and exocivilisations should not fail to be shown over time by petroglyphs.

Another topic of surprise is on the language of Ashiwi whose origin is a complete mystery. This language has nothing in common with other Indians. Why?

Clifford sends me some documents so I can study the semantics of the language….
Thus, we agree to provide an update on the Zuni language and an exploration of the area of ​​the petroglyphs.

Dan, archaeologist Zuni, will be here. We will explore the area after the UFO conference in Phoenix in 2012 where we meet on the occasion of the appointment of the documentary film « Presence » to be competing for the ETs or EBE AWARDS.
The rest of the adventure: in February 2012 …