An alien civilisation critisism on the terrestrial oligarchies

The secret about the existence of civilizations is not technical or scientific, but purely political.

By studying many years, the Crop Circles, UFOs and the exo-civilizations, my conclusions are unambiguous.
I have been able to show that the Crop Circles are made by an exo-civilization located 27 light years from Earth.
The thesis of the « Pax Galactica » explain that a « Federation » of exo-civilizations gently look after our planet.
The men of the planet Oummo are our interlocutors and they broadcast written documents during 60 years.
I deciphered the aliens words contained in those documents, and I am able to certify the authenticity of their non-terrestrial origin.

This civilization critism without mercy the governing oligarchies.
It explains why the open secret of the existence of exo-civilizations is defended tooth and nail.

This non-exhaustive glimpse, on our visitors from outer space seems to be but a tiny part of the visible tip of the iceberg. Some governmental services like the CIA are spreading the idea that exocivilizations are dangerous for humankind. But the facts prove that we have not been subjected to any hostile invasion. It is probable that a «Pax Galactica» is at work. A «Pax» far more effective than what we ourselves are able to do currently on our own planet…
Is it necessary for us to be reminded that the most powerful democratic country in the world has placed at its head a personage about which the facts have shown that he was a cynic and a liar; that the second most powerful state in the world has placed at its head a personage who tolerates an unequaled mafia economy: that the third largest power of the world is a dictatorship with which all democracies come to terms, and that states subjected to the authority of religious fanatics are innumerable?
If we wish to be successful in achieving sustainable global peace, it can only be founded on the values of liberty and social justice. Thus, shouldn’t we be pondering as to what sort of action we should undertake in order to break away from this pattern of embezzlement of power and riches practised by lying, cynical and greedy oligarchs?
Without the lifting of secrecy, without a liberation of information, without a clear vision of the real function of our institutions, both civil and military,
without putting an end to the plundering to which global planetary interests have been subjected, we are clearly heading towards our own demise. According to our visitors, our institutional representatives are not worthy to represent the inhabitants of Planet Earth. A civilization is worthy of bearing such a name when each individual or life form is respected on the entire planet. The maturity of a civilization can be measured according to its capacity to make the global planetary interest its priority. Only at this stage of social evolution shall it become possible to engage into an honest and long lasting relationship with exocivilizations.
It goes without saying that we are still far, very far from that stage… Despite everything, as we anticipate on a future conducive to such a social development of our planet, it seems important for us to set down symbolically the foundations of a manifesto for the recognition of exocivilizations.

The Ummo documents describe in detail the behavior of our governments with regards to an alien presence. Their criticism is severe and we can understand the desperate efforts made by our leaders to conceal their presence and the manifestations of exocivilizations in our land.

An Ummo letter – D 1378 – thus mentions the issue:
«The most advanced components of your technology, the means of organization and an extended mass of data are in the hands of the most irresponsible brains, which is tantamount to placing an explosive of great magnitude in the hands of an infant.»
«You have created a social «order» structured in a delirious way, in which technological and economical power and information are manipulated,
not by intelligent creators of an emerging social network, but by the sickest and most archaic brains of your society. The worst inanity has it that the guardians of moral laws are not honest scientists, but the fanatical leaders of religious communities who transgress these moral laws according to their whims and their own interests.»
«The Earth’s social network is in the hands of a few oligarchies possessors of economic power. Any idea, creation or model, emanating from a human
being or a group of humans foreign to them ends up invariably by being swallowed up and controlled by the latter. If the idea, the philosophy, the system, the scientific model, the technological conception does not serve the interests of these oligarchies, or tends to restrain their power or weaken the iron construction where their capacity of religious, political or economical domination originates, these centers have at their disposal powerful means to discredit the idea, block the development of the model, prevent its transmission or its application.»
«If the idea or model is useful for them to reinforce their interests, they brutally distort the framework of its application. A system, which could be
applied to resolve the misery of the third-world or curb the energy shortage and thus provide the highest possible levels of well-being, is quickly diverted towards technological applications of a military nature or towards operations aimed at guaranteeing some industrial groups a maximum amount of profit, while creating huge disturbances in the markets and thwarting other companies which could have enabled the social network to develop some of its potentialities.»
«This is a condensed image of what you know but too well. How can you persist so naively to ask us to provide you with information? How long do
you believe it would remain in your hands? What do you believe the corrupt politicians, the greedy bosses, the spy networks and the military infrastructures would do?»


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