« The knowledge for whom and why ? » – Denis Roger DENOCLA - BIOGRAPHY ENG

This workspace is for public information and publication of research papers. Our team is an independent, volunteer group of international researchers. Thank you for supporting us with your emails and orders.

The topics we consider here are related to UFOs, Crop Circles and Exocivilizations; they are explained in the first book PRESENCE.

We also talk about exocivilizations and in particular the study of the UMMO people.  Are they so different from us humans? Where do they come from? How and when did they arrive on planet Earth, which they call OYAGAA (‘squared planet’ in their language) and why did they come? Is it possible to decipher their language?  We discuss these questions in PRESENCE 2 and the movie  PRESENCE and the UMMO planet file

The results presented here are the fruit of an effective international collaboration of approximately 50 researchers around the world. Our main results:

- The Crop Circles makers and their origin identified
- 18 E.T. species described in detail
- The UFO’s mode of travel explained
- The mystery of black matter solved
- A presentation of the fascinating world of UMMO
- The UMMO documents and the evidence of the E.T. presence on Earth
- The extraterrestrial language of UMMO decoded
- Several new and revolutionary technical discoveries

On those topics we also do musical performances with the band UMMO MUSIC and you can have fun with some T-shirts!

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